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  Thursday, August 04, 2022
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We frequently need to append data from a column A and column D to a new sheet column A (for example) and dedupe - and refresh as new info is added to the original data sets. Not concatenate or anything fancy, literally just stack all them all in a column and display on the unique text entries. Sometimes the columns we need to append are on the same sheet, sometimes different sheets, but always the same workbook for us. Formulas for this are amazingly difficult and most of the ones online do not work. The ONLY way we are currently able to do this is: Use the OLD Pivot Table & Wizard dialog, Multiple consolidation ranges, create single page field for me, add your ranges selecting range A:B then range D:E (we don't need the data in B and E but this wizard makes you have at least 2 columns in each range) (also your 1st column in each range must be the ones you want to stack and dedupe), next, finish. Remove the filters, columns, values from the PivotTable fields so you only have Row, which now displays 1 column of the combined unique data from Col A & Col D. This is convoluted and we're afraid that this old wizard will eventually disappear. I think this should be a very basic feature but isn't easy to accomplish if you want the data to REFRESH and not manually cut and paste. We would love it if Kutools came up with a way to do this!
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